Remote Infrastructure
Management Solutions

Remote Infrastructure Management Solutions

Companies scale their businesses based on goals and aspirations. Organisations today, are spread across locations with teams being located not just in different cities but also across the world, which has led to IT Infrastructure being built and managed across locations too. This eventually leads to many challenges in managing IT Infrastructure.

Remote Infrastructure Management is the overall management of Enterprise IT Infrastructure and solving issues that potentially arise, from a remote location, enabling continuous availability and support. RIM enables IT & Technology Leadership teams to focus on managing people costs and process efficiencies.

Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) helps in a cohesive management of IT Infrastructure, enabling efficient coordination making maintenance easier. Increasing number of organizations are today adopting RIM, keeping in mind the benefits over the current way IT infrastructure is managed by those companies that have yet to make the shift to adopting RIM.

Services We Offer in Remote Infrastructure Management

Intbrains has deep expertise in the management of complex and critical enterprise IT Infrastructure systems.
We provide cost-efficient and secure Remote Infrastructure Management Services (RIM) to world class companies.
Our services include :

Dedicated & Shared Network Operation Center ( NOC )

Datacentre Management Solutions


Why Intbrains?

Intbrains provides a broad set of services designed to manage critical and complex IT infrastructure environments efficiently. We ensure that the services exactly map with the client business requirements with flexibility to modify them as per changing business needs.

Our RIM services help global customers in deriving a competitive edge by reducing costs and downtime. By proactively managing the client IT infrastructures, we enable increased service levels, productivity, and growth. Our processes ensure consistent application and infrastructure performance.

Data Center Management

Our experts monitor, troubleshoot and actively manage your Data Center. We ensure there is zero downtime and with us you get cost effective and efficient Data Management, which is why our clients partner us for On-Premise Data Solutions.

Network Operation Center

We manage your IT infrastructure and facilitate smooth daily operations. Our experience in design, integration,
and monitoring network centers enables us to deliver reliable services

Data Center Design

We design energy-efficient, space-efficient, and tailor-made models.

Service Administration

We ensure seamless operation by monitoring your infrastructure 24×7.

Network Administration

We have vast experience handling LANs, WANs, Intranets, and network segments.

DevOps and Cloud Administration

Using state-of-the-art techniques, our professionals optimize the product development life cycle and confirm continuous delivery.

Remote Infrastructure Monitoring
has Universal Appeal

RIM is used across a wide range of businesses like Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, IT , Telecommunication, Retail, eCommerce, Transportation, Logistics and many others.

RIM has immense Business Benefits

  • Proactive 24/7 Real Time monitoring
  • Major Cost Savings
  • Minimizes Downtime
  • Reduces Business Risk
  • Better Service Levels
  • Increase in ROI
  • Improved Productivity
To know more about how Intbrains can help you with our Remote Infrastructure Monitoring Services, contact us +1 51699 83254 or Email us Our experts will contact you soon.