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Cyber Security Solutions

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Did you know that over 29 million healthcare records were breached in 2020? According to HIPAA, the total cases of data breaches in the US alone came to 1001 cases. 67% of them were through hacking into the IT infrastructure of the healthcare facilities. The only way to guard yourself against this is by increasing your cyber resilience with the help of experienced professionals like Intbrains. We at Intbrains, provide you with the best protection against all kinds of cybersecurity threats. We assess risks and conduct vulnerability tests and ensure you are secure.

Intbrains provides professional Cyber Security Solutions to large & mid size enterprises, Data Centres and Networks through its world class team and services. Intbrains has successfully completed many projects in security testing and consulting for leading companies in India and USA.

Our experienced team of Cyber Security experts are equipped to better understand your needs and address your security challenges across:

  • - Networks
  • - Data Centres & Servers
  • - Firewalls
  • - APIs
  • - Web, Mobile & Desktop Applications

At Intbrains, we identify and execute Ethical Hacking Projects per need of the business objective and outcome desired.

Vulnerability Assessment

Where we Identify, Quantify, and prioritise vulnerabilities. And advise on managing and eliminating security risks

Penetration Testing

We create a test environment where we simulate potential security threats to IT Infrastructure and Communications systems for vulnerabilities

Security Code Review

Our Code Review is a process that audits the source code of an application to test the quality of the software and it’s security

Infrastructure Security Audit 

Identifying weaknesses in company security policies and processes

Compliance Testing 

Verifying compliance with required standards and regulations

To know more about how Intbrains can help you with our Cyber Security Solutions,
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