Accelerate Performance Through Quality Initiatives

Quality Engineering

We at IntBrains are committed to every aspect of Service and Quality we deliver to clients. With end-to-end monitoring and continuous testing, we ensure quality in each stage of your product development life cycle. We also set up a quality environment that improves the overall competency of your organization.

Our experts monitor every step, from product inception to delivery. By preparing test cases and conducting tests, we assess quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. We prepare reports of our observations and suggestions and hand them to you so that you can take action.

Functional Testing

Our engineers test the software against customer requirements. We ensure the functionality of the product by using black-box testing. Thus you can be sure that your customer is satisfied.

Usability Testing

The user-friendliness of a product is crucial. To check this, we design test plans and conduct sessions where representative users try out the software. With their feedback, we prepare reports with our suggestions to improve the usability.

Coverage Testing

Coverage testing ensures that the test cases cover the application code. More than showing the percentage of code exercised, the test will point to the shortcomings of the software. Thus you will be able to correct them and satisfy the user requirement.

Compatibility Testing

Checking the compatibility of your product with different computing environments is crucial. Our team of experts check the performance of the product against various platforms. The reports prepared thus will help further improvement of the product.

Test Automation

To ensure quality, repeated testing is necessary. However, it can be exhausting if done manually. Hence we automate the process and create a robust framework for testing.

Performance & Load Testing

By checking the stability, availability, and response time, we verify the load handling capacity and overall performance of the software. The reports generated will reflect the software's efficiency, and hence you can deliver your products with confidence.

Security Testing

It is crucial to protect the software against malicious attackers. Hence we test the vulnerabilities of the software using security testing. We identify the potential weaknesses and give suggestions to prevent attacks.

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