Drive Digital Transformation Through the Cloud

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Migration

Do you wish to migrate your legacy infrastructure to the cloud? Our team of experts can efficiently do the process for you. By creating a secure and scalable path to the cloud, we ensure data integrity ensuring continued operation during the process.

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Building the right Cloud Solution

At Intbrains, our Cloud Solutions are designed basis business needs, modernisation and building scale in a secure way. We work across platforms like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and other leading Cloud platforms. We help you develop your Cloud strategy, manage a transition from a legacy system to the Cloud and provide a framework for your infrastructure security. We do what is right for the company not just for the present but keeping in mind the future too.

Penetration Testing Solutions

Application Management & Resource Tracking

Our team of professionals provide reliable cloud application management services. By using AWS automated monitoring, we make management efficient and software development agile. We also adapt according to your evolving business needs. Our team use AWS Config, AWS CLI, AWS Inspector, and so on. We also rely on Cloudwatch, Cloudaware, and Cloud Custodians to give you the best experience.

Security Coding Solutions

Cloud Security

We safeguard your infrastructure from all forms of cyberattacks. To mitigate breaches, we employ intrusion detection, safe key management, and continuous monitoring. Thus making your infrastructure impenetrable.

DevOps Cloud Solutions


We help you to improve your process speed and thus deliver applications with celerity. Our experts make your operation agile, streamlined, and efficient. We use Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack, and Google Cloud Platform for this purpose.


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